Copper pancake coil

Copper pancake coils is a product for HVAC equipment's connecting, mantaining and circulation, oil/gas pipline connecting, fuel conveying system of natural gas and liquefied gases, ordinary tube project of conveying liquid.Winland offer copper pancake coil of single layer, dual layers and multi-layers. The products are in round shape, like a pancake, which is the product name comes from.

Size of copper pancake coil

Winland supply wide range sizes of copper pancake coil, belowing is a table shows our regular sizes. We also customized the product to meet particular customer demands and application, please email us and learn the details.

sizes of copper pancake coil

Packing of copper pancake coil 

copper pancake coil in carton box packing

Winland copper pancake coils are sealed by plastic bag, and then into carton box.

Chemical and Mechanical Datas

copper pancake coil chemical and mechanical datas


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